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    I am richard, i am slightly more rogue-ish than nomadic except not dishonest, just without principles... sort of. Actually i just like the word rogue more than nomad.

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    Im Gabriela Avalos , from monterrey méxico , i studied Visual Arts , I love music , i love singing ,ive being doing performance and theater in monterrey, ive been acting in SensoriaL Teather company "los habitantes", before i came to amsterdam i was working at a psychiatric hospital doing artistic activities with the patients , im very interested in art as therapy... and the relation between creativity and madness

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    A traveler..like all of you..someone looking for answers..again like everybody else..a geek sometimes..and someone that is constantly trying to change..so I`m not really sure who I am..I try to be the best thing I can and never forget that I can always become more..

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    I am a traveler in search of partners, in search of an adventure. Destination not required.

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    Im Wrenaqua, a Europic, nomadic flower child who loves to meet people from evrywhere around the world.
    Im studying, a master in the school of "life itself", with sub-bachelors in nomadic life-style & dancing ;)
    I love to cook in vöku's, dance together and give infinite "free hugz" to the whole society :)

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    Can you tell me that?

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    A simple American, a culturally retarded citizen of the world, a wandering dork, a sensitive guy, and a happy, loving human being. I introduced Anca to the Casa without knowing the Casa yet myself... See my CS profile for more. Oh, and ask me about how I made 12.000 US dollars by dumpster diving...

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    Berlin I guess

    a 28 year old girl from berlin, germany.