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    Czech republic

    czech cool girl who like to travel and meet new people...

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    I'm an architecture-student, spending my last months in the benelux.

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    We are: Betsy, 25, wearing a brown tank top, black shorts, two rings. And Teodora, 23, purple sparkly tights, blue checkered shirt. In our apartment one day before leaving for a month of hitchiking, and we have no idea what to say about 'who we are' because that's a pretty difficult question.

    But we will try. Betsy likes blues music and Teodora likes bulgarian stuff. We both like to hang out in nature and play with hedgehogs. Betsy has Sea Dude and Teodora has whale named Earnie. We've lived in Ukraine long enough to get used to shitty weather, crazy babushkas selling milk in beer bottles and rabbits/cats in open markets, and hand-washing clothes in falling-apart, wallpaper-clashing Soviet apartments. Meanwhile, we've developed a curious inkling for borscht, syhariki, sheltering homeless dogs, and silly superstitions (Sitting on cold surfaces makes your ovaries freeze and playing basketball makes you grow taller!)
    Betsy was born and raised in the Republic of Northern California. Teodora is from randomly Eastern-European Bulgaria. We have shared fun/interesting/stupendous/scary/mind-blowing/orgasmic/cosmic/fucking awesome experiences together since 2007.

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    Im a 26yr old Irish girl, trying to find a different life in Amsterdam. I love people, and dancing, and movies and cooking, and writing, and language, and art and photography, and walking, and my life to date in Amsterdam. I have been away from home a few years, and want to continue my adventure out in the great beyond. I have a spiritual side, and an occasional crazy side, but am always down to earth and am a bit of a mothering character.

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    i visited a friend here this summer, and fell in love with this city after my first bike ride and decided to postpone my masters in public health in canada, and return here in september and live here for a year. the same friend told me to look into casa robino, as she lived there when she first moved here. i have a few plans this year aboard (learn spanish, volunteer for a public health agency, learn how to care for my bike, see some of europe...) but am basically am open to anything that comes my way.

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    I am Stacey Lake. Or Cha-Cha. Depending on your/my mood. I am from Australia. Travelling. When I'm not travelling, and sometimes when I am, you can find me.. at the beach, in a bin, in a squat or on the stage. I dance. and life model. And travel with friends and lovers. I stayed at the Casa two years ago.