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    Well My full Name is Katherine Lee Mary Reid, I am twenty years old And currently living In Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.Its a bit of a hole here, which is part of the reason I'm leaving, But every place has a bit of charm In some way so if your into HillBilly's, Dirty Bars and Doing the same thing every day then this is the place for you! . Anyways I come from a pretty large family with two full brothers, two half sisters, One step brother, three sisters that are not my sisters but my sisters sisters who somehow ended up being my sisters And then a brother who is not really my brother but my sisters brother and has ended up my brother (I know its complicated), And then a Mom a Dad and a step dad , its a pretty average family haha.But lets just say I get a very odd feeling when I am actually alone. I am a huge animal lover and I pretty much love everything that's alive, except bugs , not a big fan. Ever since I can remember I have been painting , drawing, writing,singing or just plain imagining something.I love the outdoors, and the indoors and am generally a pretty damn happy person.Im also a newby at this traveling thing, which I am sure you have figured out!.So thats me in a nutshell .

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    Silly question to ask...

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    istanbul (*crop)
    küçük kargacan
    amylin loglisci.


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    sleeping is sleeping, anywhere it is. i am anywhere. i am violentlessly fighting, for real living, living. sharing, for real learning, learning. liking, and for real, loving, loving. living, learning, loving.

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    a little boy blue

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    Budapest, Hungary

    beginner solo hitchhiker, beginner programmer, expert loner wanting to stop, starting to learn from the community of humankind.