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    Buenos Aires
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    Dieuwke, 20 something, physiotherapist (almost), hitch hiker, traveler, capoeira, dance, fun, crazy, spontaneous.

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    i've been looking for the answer. asking to the space under the beds, to the mirrored closets, to the clouds and rain, to the smell of sea, foam of the waves, to the sky scrappers, smoke of the cars, bank accounts, the reflection of myself on the shop windows... well, i don't have a clear idea yet.

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    Polish girl

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    I am happy, positive and like people.

    I used to work in IT. Now, I am an artist, writer and musician.

    Travelling the world for a year. First stop was Tokyo, now headed to Europe.

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    A fountain of love

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    I am an international student in Amsterdam... I like the idea of hospitality exchange!!

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    Addicted hitchhiker

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    my name is Ben and im from Israel, musician, 24 years old, traveling europe, at germany at the moment and going towards Amsterdam!
    i thought to my self- Ben.. what.. well, if you go to Amsterdam you should go to the place Rachel from couchsurfing talked about! sounds like you man!
    i wanna meet you cool people and here more about all this project, and maybe even, well, join in for good.