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    I'm young hitch-hiker from Belarus.

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    I am student of anthropology and young traveler who travel because of people. I am open-minded, a little bit crazy, funny person with who you could talk about almost everything. And especially I am very honest, sometimes too much cause pople sometimes don't want to hear the thrut.

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    22yr old guy from israel

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    I am currently a wanderer of this earth who is enchanted by all it has to offer. I'm Aussie but have been living Bristol, UK on a working visa until I did m European summer trip and discovered the Casa, hitchhiking, dumpster diving and re-opened myself to the beauty of the world which was hell inspiring!!

    I love to read, have long conversations with people about anything and everything (as long as everyone is respectful if they have a difference of opinion) and I just love to get myself lost on purpose in a city that I don't know cause that's when I find the most amazing things!!!

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    my soul is threatening to leave my body if i don't get my ass to europe in the coming months. amsterdam is probably where i'll end up at.

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    Zeist, Netherlands

    26 years ago I was born as an extremely ugly kid with an interesting skincolour in a shade of pink-lilac. My sisters told when they saw me: "Phew! THis is our new sister?? Mum, you can't be serious!!"
    Now it's a bit better. At least my skincolour is normal.
    But i'm lazy to write about me again. Take a look to my couchsurfing profile. (username: manzare). I have a rich profile there with a bunch of opinions how other people saw me when our lifelines met for few days.

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    I'm a spanish young man who needs to improve his english. I have knowledge about computers (hardware, networks, software...). I'm also an amateur musician (I play guitar and keyboard a little).