Godd Less America

I always thought they said godless America instead of God bless America...

— Robino

from the casa

Points and gaps

Tomorrow realitygaps will run into matrixpoint, wonder what will happen. singularity?


are you pimping my server
are you pinging my server

— Anu to Marc who's configuring her brand-new webserver and what Dennis heard


I would have been down with Jesus, if his religion had more color co-ordination.

— Dennis Collective



Your focus is in your cave. But we were very happy to have you at the dumpster dive today.

— Paxus commenting on Anu's facebook status


We have a term for that - 'Amsterdammed'


Clean Iceland!

When I was a child, I started to learn how to cook, and I liked cooking. But I learned that I have to clean up after myself. I have to take out the trash. And as I grew up, I learned that I had to take out the trash and clean up every now and then, and when I have big parties, I must clean up more often.

— speaker @ open citizen's meeting, Reykjavik

propaganda machine

i am in service of the great propaganda machine

Dennis Collective to Paxus on converting female girl to female woman in another quote

helpful hands

|I dont know why this code is not working, but i am going to go smoke a spliff on the balcony and figure it out.|
"I will help you with that"

Marc and Paxus

class issues

Can i lay my class issues on you?

Dennis Collective before tiddying up