help file

People should RTFM before asking questions.

Marc... "because otherwise I get questions like 'Marc, could you read the help file; I can't be bothered to read it...'"

Marc becomes Anu

"I woke up this morning and found out I became an Anu..."

realitygaps (Marc)


"I want to have kids and teach them open-mindedness..."

"Nice, and teach them to hack."

Anu / Marc

stupid children

"I'm not having children."

"Of course you're not! No intelligent people are having children."

Amylin / Marc starting a big discussion in the room

luxurious meat

"I like having luxury, maybe that means eating meat, you know..."

Marc, lecturing about why he likes eating processed and unhealthy foods.

life is a travel, home is a vacation

life is a travel, home is a vacation

Matt commenting on his second day back in the US.

never just one place

I am never just in one place at a time

Amylin - on future plans Barcelona, Berlin, Portugal

appriciation foliathing

em, where is this page, I wish so many things.... Maybe I could google myself some hot water for the shower.

— me in the middle of the jungle, sqating with punks

after I saw paxus wrote about appreciate folia list and I-m sitting here on cold, in some library from which you can jump 15 meters into the nothing and needing a shower to cool down

too hipie

i believe in chaos. when it goes too hippie i will pull it back towards the middle

Marc in Casa Living Room at absurd o'clock

I'm gay, therefore I am

— Anu faking the Dennis Collective quoting