We got something dear to Matt here.

We got something really dear to Matt here.
What? A stove?

— zwuddha

Amylin's answer to Robins observation after cleaning the desk

random xmass quote

Sometimes they can die at the same time, but never the born.

— Jasna commenting about people in Serbia celebrating xmas on the 6th of January

xmass=whatever casarobino

"looking for some answers"

If you dedicate your life to finding out how do do it
and you believe you have found it then you have probably lost something.

infamous house

Hey do you know where this street is?
Ah, you are going to this house with all these international people!

— Alan's first words in Amsterdam and some random guy at the tramstop


positive working

Only fight the negative by building further on the positive things!

(Yo, I can edit this? Great!)

robino & dante while talking about sustainable activism

500 Internal Server Error

Dante linked to 500 Internal Server Error @ 3:59am

— Delicious

Error message after Dante included his delicious to the casa-activity stream

One idea a day is simply not enough

One idea a day is simply not enough

— Engelbewaarder/ Guardian Angel

Robin,Dante & Marc in the SHE-bar


its a bug.
A real bug, is it in redmine?

— robino/realitygaps


OSX Mac Apple is bad for you

The only good Mac is a dead Mac

Julien commenting on the fact that there are no apple's in the house no more - just a dead one


What's a CMS?
-Crap Management System

— Living room on Content Management Systems