Deaf Snow

Snow is Deaf

(and so is steam)

Sierra quoting Iskandar Ajmuddin to Anu about Finland

how gay

Do you want to see how gay i am ?

Amylin flirting willy with Dennis Colective

female woman

i can understand how that would be annoying as a female woman

Dennis Collective to Amylin on harrassment while hitchhiking

night and day

We do so much late night here, no one could be bothered with morning.

Paxus the only one awake at 11:15 AM

Can I take a crap while you are showering?

no talent

People can busk even if they have no talent.
Yeah, like we have never seen that before.

Amylin and Sierra

day job

dont quit your day job
oh wait you already have

Paxus to Anu having trouble tagging the world map

bathroom stall, The Bowery, Manhattan

Hold on to your dreams and never ever let them go

— anonymous


Open Chocolate

This is open space hot chocolate technology

Dennis Collective - squat cafe during Casa field trip

Shown around

"Did anyone how you around?"
"No one showed me around."

Sierra intentionally misleading the squat cafe worker, so that she could volunteer