"I can make a shitload of money doing making porn in new york.
i just dont want to deal with LA."

casa Living Room Chat - Dennis Collective

Are you gay

"Are you gay?"
"no i am Dutch"

Casa Living Room Chat - Robino and Marc

Not a flop house

"It is okay, we can just sleep on the floor"
"What do you think this is, a flophouse, you will sleep in a propoer bed and you will enjoy it!"

Living Room Chat Dennis Collective and Paxus


"I want to go to Berlin and get suck off by the major"



"Since when do we have Eau de parfum?"
"Since we need it"

lost data foolishly


"What is New Zealand like?"

— Robino

Living Room Chat

Derick is squating my jacket.

— matt

Skillisize me

— Derick


"I am a slacker by birth."

— Anu

Living room discussion on Anu's future now that Robin has convinced her to quit her job

"If you need magic - that's the guy"

— Robino

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