Dirty Dwarfs

In every other country in the world, except Holland, 7 dwarfs in a bed with a beautiful young woman would be outlawed.

Marc on Casa field trip

Pretend you're not acting

Pretend you're not acting

Paxus to Dennis Collective and Amylin skipping down the street.

Squat gets a gift shop

It used to be a squat, now they have a gift shop. [Actually, it was a give-away shop]

Amylin misquoting Robin - Casa field trip

How did you find us ?

"How did you find us?"

The surprised Squat cafe owners and Robins response

Hugs 1 euro

Hugs:1 Euro... We call that "sustainable hugs".

Marc / Sierra, in response to the "Free Hugs" in the living room

Open Source Jesus

"Is Jesus in the public domain?"
"No Jesus is copyrighted, he is intellectual property."

Robino and Paxus - Casa LR conversation

lonely dinosaurs

"The last dinosaurs died alone"
"How do you know? Have you been reading dinosaur blogs."

Dennis Collective talking to Paxus in the Casa Living Room

I lost one of my virginity in my tent.

Dennis Collective

cant just be radicals

You cant just be a radical. You have to be a revolutionary. You've got to get things done.

paxus propaganda

cheap things

"So they give you cheap things so you will marry them."
"Well, that is one way of looking at it."

Dennis Collective and Amylin