"What is more dangerous than radical?"

Paxus and Amylin


"If you want to be, be. Don't see."

— Nitai


faggot muslim

Everyone is going to know i am a faggot Muslim.

Dennis Collective on the Casa Robino website

The truth is where you make it.

The truth is where you make it. (Variation on a reply I once got when inquiring about the location of the toilet.)

-- Kasper.


Thanks for letting me store my stuff here....

Its the only so we can make sure you come back....


"Shit they are spying on us"
The helicopter is flying outside the window
"It is all because of that Casa Robino entry you put up on hitchwiki - you should delete it."

Paxus and Robino chatting in the LR - making fun of the hitch wiki entry on Casa which had already been delted at the time of this conversation

all power to the collectives

"We are all collectives here"

Anu responding to hearing about the Aris collective

"Be careful 9 out of 10 drivers in France are perverts"

"i am a pervert too."

Robino talking to the Aris collective - Casa Living Room


Does that make Yahoo the new Tibet?

Marc editorializing on Google being the new China

Like the Playa

This is just like the playa, except for the laptops.

Dennis Collective - Casa Living Room