Aris, so long

"I am really happy to leave this terrible weather and go far away." -- Aris in the offline guestbook, 22nd of November.

Aris in QuiberonAris in Quiberon

Aris. We can still see her sitting on the back-porch, smiling, overwhelming everyone with her smile. Full of joy and perception. She understood the art of perceiving, of traveling; the art of hitchhiking and the art of balancing. Aris was a wonderful young girl with an amazing potential. She was very remarkable with a great sense of direction, depth, and dedication.

Sorry for not hugging you all goodbye.

On the morning we left, you were all sleeping so angelically. And that is rare.
Sierra and I didn't want to disturb that, ESPecially because you were all so cute whilst living outside of your cherubic bodies, so we stood there quietly for a few minutes and watched you all. This may seem a little creepy, its probable that it is, but just know that you were loved before we went, and we didn't need to wake you up, cause we already knew that the feeling was mutual.

I left a piece of my heart in amsterdam.

Model UN dinner

At dinner yesterday we had:

1 Finn
1 Pole
1 Estonian
1 Dutch
1 German
1 Romanian
1 Yank - me

Tonight we are looking at having a dozen people overnight, including my co-dad Sky and Kassia coming in from Copenhagen. Curiously all the east Europeans are women and all the men are westerns. There were tales of hitching (Karden and Lena just hitched in from Germany, Kaudry last night from Estonia, Mark is coming in today as is Julian and her friend). And we don't know how we are going to fit all these people in this little flat, and we are not worried about it.

creating it together

"Whoever is here is creating it together", writes Kasia on her blog Mama Kas on the Road. She stayed together with Sky for some days in the house, which was a great experience I think for all of us.

She also writes how she got 40 euro while busking, how she tried fixing the bikes with Sky, the dumpster diving results (3 giant bags with avocados, tomatoes, radishes, eggplants, carrots, star fruit, melon, pineapple, plums, and papaya) and how she observed the communal trash-dinner we recently had: "It felt totally comfortable and easy to take over the kitchen, rummage for spices, cook up a bunch of food, make tea... making me realize that my longing to root is not a desire to own my own house necessarily - the need is totally satisfied in being able to cook for people and host in this fluid way."