Offloading breads & patisseries,

Today we found a new skip :
Two HUGE bags of croissants, Moroccan flat bread, pain au chocolates et cetera et cetera.
Combined with our almost daily hauls at a new bakery haul point with incredible bread, we're now finding ourselves a little..flooded in bread.
So, in particular for the moroccan bread & croissants, if anyone wants to come by and pick up bread..please please feel free. There's no way we can eat all of it..and, our stomachs may give out on us from so much bread as of late.

casa catering crashes wedding party at ot-301

We don't just cook Thursday night dinners and Christmas Eve dinners and late afternoon brunches and Pancake Sundays, apparently, we also cater for wedding parties when the opportunity arises.

And so, yesterday, Heather, Robin, & I spent some quality time in the spacious De Peper kitchen at OT-301 catering for the wedding party of Cris & Juana: a vegan feast of kısır, yoğurt çorbası, dolma, savory baked pumpkin, and chocolate-mocha cake to die for. The party also coincided with OT-301's 10 year anniversary, as well as local "no borders no nations" initiatives by supporting groups.

Eat Moldy Foods!

I thought there was mold on my mushrooms (can mold even grow on a fungus?), so I asked google.

It said, ""

Thoroughly impressed that the US Government had recommendations about which foods are OK to eat, even if they are moldy, I said "whoa! The Casa needs to know about this for dumpster-diving!" ^ So if you care about dumpsterdam, check it out ^

Then I realized that the slippery American feds still hadn't resolved my fungus dilema... So I asked the Canadians.

How Food Shapes our Cities

Also a great article on planet green about 50 ways to Never Waste Food Again

Lets stop throwing out last nights dinner.

We should start sharing recipes for leftover foods, For example, the other day Martina made a wonderful lunch out of our previous nights dinner of cous cous and baked vegtables by adding eggs, and frying it. Or how about baking left over pasta with cheese, olive oil, and some herbs on top?

Any more ideas?

A bicycle ride to a Sustainable organic squatted farm

De SpruitjesDe Spruitjes

13:35 06.08.09
Just back from a bicycle trip to the village of Harmelen, near Utrecht, about 40k south of Amsterdam. 24 hours ago, Kasper and I left, unbeknownst to us, for a marathon bicycle ride. What, do you ask, was so interesting in the quaint village of Harmelen, to entice such a journey.

Grow local food

I know, I always seem to post stuff about food.

But here is a good one: a site aimed at promoting growing your food

since you have all that lovely roof space, a few growbags with potatoe and tomatos and salads would be good up there?

more edible plants also in the city, the public gardens etc.....

and what happed to the post about a guest schedule?
this is how other places do it: if the guest availability on any given

thou shall dumpsterdive

keep up the trend!
lets not waste food! its sacrilege...

and ohhhh, lovely kitten, make sure it does not jump down from the balcony, cats are known for thinking that they can fly

Coitus interruptus

They thaught us how to make bread, and just when we were ready to do our own pasta madre tripping performance live with an audience, they had to leave again, just before the real fun was starting. "Coitus interruptus" they called it.

We were at Damoclash, an Amsterdam based free culture festival (with pizza's for 7 euro) and we were about to give away 15 kilo of bread, but who was gonna make all that bread?

Art expo in Delft looking for help with dumpstered meal


We are putting on an Art expo June 20-21 at the Poppehuis squat in Delft and I want to put together a dumpster dived dinner saturday evening. I thought the folks that enjoy the casa's dumpstered dinner might be interested in helping. If so, let me know at [email protected]. Here is the info about the event:

Spread the word!!


Als Het Maar Beweegt is an art exhibition Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st at the Poppehuis, Delft!

Everyone is invited!

The expo at a glance: