Feeding 5000 people on food what otherwise would have been wasted

Yes, I want to do an awareness campaign like this one day!!
Same time I recommend the TED talk what leaded me to this website:

New Dumpsters, New Food Masterpieces and Beans for Kitten

We've discovered some new dumpsters near to the casa and haven't stopped eating. Some recent finds include: strawberries, lots and lots of parsely, a sink full of tomatoes, fenel, leeks, apricots, spinach, avocados, kiwi, chillies, carrots, potatoes.....not to mention we've been drowning in croissants, pain au chocolate, almond croissants and various other pastries. We even found a lot of beans for kitten to play with.

Perogies, hummus, tabouli, guacamole, kiwi jam, roasted vegetables, pasta madre flat bread....if any one is hungry, please come over and help us eat.

Eat Moldy Foods!

I thought there was mold on my mushrooms (can mold even grow on a fungus?), so I asked google.

It said, "http://www.fsis.usda.gov/FactSheets/Molds_On_Food/"

Thoroughly impressed that the US Government had recommendations about which foods are OK to eat, even if they are moldy, I said "whoa! The Casa needs to know about this for dumpster-diving!" ^ So if you care about dumpsterdam, check it out ^

Then I realized that the slippery American feds still hadn't resolved my fungus dilema... So I asked the Canadians.

Share your trash!

Share your trash!

So good how things always fall together, like Lily asking yesterday if anyone is going out for dumpster-diving, and Kassia and Sky who were planning to do just that. While Anu and Anca went out to see Petter's performance, we had another great dinner made out of trash. I believe the video-footage is also pretty cool, it shows the cooking, diving at the market and the eating. During dinner we also had so-called meaningful conversations about intentional communities and social-relational communication. Ah, connections.