Eat Moldy Foods!

I thought there was mold on my mushrooms (can mold even grow on a fungus?), so I asked google.

It said, "http://www.fsis.usda.gov/FactSheets/Molds_On_Food/"

Thoroughly impressed that the US Government had recommendations about which foods are OK to eat, even if they are moldy, I said "whoa! The Casa needs to know about this for dumpster-diving!" ^ So if you care about dumpsterdam, check it out ^

Then I realized that the slippery American feds still hadn't resolved my fungus dilema... So I asked the Canadians.


Yesterday I left my boots in the Casa, realizing I'm no longer going to use them enough to justify carrying them around (anyone who is size 41 and interested in non-leather, water resistant hiking boots is welcomed to grab them, I can provide description or photo to make it easier to find. Else I might claim them some day in the far future).
It got me thinking about the free shop / giveaways / stuff left behind at the casa.