New Dumpsters, New Food Masterpieces and Beans for Kitten

hummus, tabouli, roasted vegetable, guacamole

We've discovered some new dumpsters near to the casa and haven't stopped eating. Some recent finds include: strawberries, lots and lots of parsely, a sink full of tomatoes, fenel, leeks, apricots, spinach, avocados, kiwi, chillies, carrots, potatoes.....not to mention we've been drowning in croissants, pain au chocolate, almond croissants and various other pastries. We even found a lot of beans for kitten to play with.

Perogies, hummus, tabouli, guacamole, kiwi jam, roasted vegetables, pasta madre flat bread....if any one is hungry, please come over and help us eat.


zsuzsanna's picture

kiwi jam! (Hey Adan! :)

kiwi jam! (Hey Adan! :)

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I look a little insane. I

I look a little insane.
I guess, normal.
The colours are fantastic! Mmmm homus!

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Yeah man, your picture is

Yeah man, your picture is impressive.