Cat desinfector on the way

Hi kids,

I look out the window and it's a beautiful day to hitchhike. I know it's already late, but if I hurry myself, I should be able to hit the road by 2pm. On my way to Amsterdam!

I used to be a cat terror when I was a kid. I'm eager to meet the specimen that plagues you. So that I may plague it, muahahaha!


we are getting there...

random roads screenshotrandom roads screenshot

We are getting there. It took a loooong time (over a year now) but I am almost ready with the final set-up of the website, which includes a workflow tool that Marc designed. Great stuff.

A day or two to go before the initial launch.

On the way to Odessa... and further on

Sooner that I could realize, the road caught us, flexible and free like a cat.
Its yellow eyes blinking and silently smiling followed us, meanwhile we where following the flow of the events.

Lets stop throwing out last nights dinner.

We should start sharing recipes for leftover foods, For example, the other day Martina made a wonderful lunch out of our previous nights dinner of cous cous and baked vegtables by adding eggs, and frying it. Or how about baking left over pasta with cheese, olive oil, and some herbs on top?

Any more ideas?

destiny? I don't believe in that

Well, so I got picked up by Dalma, a beautiful 24 year old with amazing mimic.
We go to the Budapest CS meeting, she goes to the bathroom, saying "make yourself some new friends" and who comes around the corner right after? Jeppe! Just incredible.

good karma

As some of you know I was planing to hitch Casa-Praha-Budapest-Istanbul but then I got a miracle ticket (hello Shaun :) from Vienna to Budapest. A friend from Berlin texted me that I could get it at the morning of my departure from the casa - and she even started working in Amsterdam at Monday so it was only 10min away with Isolator!

789 angel

yes, finally i will wright something about the 789project, i tried before but the computer unplugged half way through and i didnt have anything saved.
well there is so much to tell about so i just want to narrow it down to one man who picked me up in ukraine, getting there and back is a big part about what the gathering was about.
so i was on the ring road outside l'viv, it was getting dark and was poring rain and i knew it would be a cold night. i thought the best thing to do was to keep hitching and maybe get a truck driving into poland.

and i woke up

And I woke up, in a tent, next to a stranger, on a field pulsating with techno and breakbeats through the thorny weeds. The sun blanketed our group of nomadic siblings in its morning glow and drank up the rain from previous hours in a matter of minutes. As if performing some strange ritual to greet the new day, together we danced.

street spirit

Almost exactly 4 days on the road, 16 lifts, the last bringing me 2 metro stations from my place and I'm finally back in Berlin. Lisa and I left the road only for sleeping (and once for having a water melon with fellow hitchhikers). Thanks to everyone who made this a family meeting and especially to Viera, Lisa, Valentina, Sarah, Matt, Shaun, Triin and Tyler for preserving the spirit on my trip home.

hitchhikers combined

Words don't come easily to describe the trip I made so far and how I enjoyed the hitchhiking festival. I am very amazed by how connections flow, and how things balance. This festival and the trip was a lot more emotional than I had expected before. The course of actions, the flow of the road, and living it by following it, lead to new lessons learned. The dept of realizations is unknown - again. ...