Hitchgathering 2011: Going to Bulgaria!

Voting for this year's (and #4 already!) hitchgathering in Europe, taking place at the 5th of August, was great fun again. So many different people putting forward their well-researched proposals but from the beginning the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria got a head-start. At one moment it was even leading with 42 percent! Not any of the other locations was able to come even close to that.

It seems also to be the case that another gathering will take place in North-America. Last year saw a small meeting, but nevertheless it took place! This year the date is set for July 15. Location yet to be decided. Check na.hitchgathering.org.

The hitchhiker dislikers

It's interesting to observe people who don't want to take hitchhikers. Maybe they think I'm dangerous (do I really look scary..?) and dirty. Or maybe it's just very lovely to have some empty seats in your car to look at. I don't own a car, I don't have a clue.

Keep on Moving

Back since a week! A great place to come back to, casa. The list to explain why is long. I am always surprised to see what changed, and always come back to the same conclusion: it is similar like before, but also different. And this time, it has certainly 'matured'! I am really thankful to all who keep this place moving further...

So, I found this poster just now that I wanted to share, without going sentimental. The text is known by some of you maybe, but the poster I had never seen before. No clue where it comes from, and who made it...


We had to wait some weeks to have everything in order for our İranian visas, so we decided to go hitchhiking to Georgia.

Largescale Hitchhiking on San Francisco Bay. sort of.

I just heard about a largescale hitchhiking-ish movement in the Bay area, called "Casual Carpool." Named something of which Americans won't be terrified (because hitchhiking is scary), Casual Carpool is a great way to miss the $7.50 (minimum) round-trip charge to get across the bay into San Francisco.

New to the site ad want a place to stay for tuesday

Ijust got refered to your project by a fellow coucsurfer. This place sounds amazing. Its seems to encompass all the values i hold dear. I am working and taveling in france and want to come to tuesday. Is there any room available?
I will be hitchhiking.
I hope to bcome a part of this community

Life happens when you make no plans

The spaceship called Terra Mar that took us allowed me some time to connect to the internet, while Valentina is having her second lesson in surfing waves.

So I made it to 'Somewhere in Portugal' on the 6th of August, at exactly the right time. But life took me by surprise and my somewhere was somewhere else than the official 6-8-10 hitchgathering. There wasn't anything I could have done about that. Things are the way they are.

My driver's heart stopped. We are both fine.

I hitched several modes of transport during my time in Croatia: a rusty tractor, a Tito era car without numberplates, a Cadillac with NYC number plates, a leather seat Mercedes, a little fishing boat, a couple of scooters and an old tourist ship.

Random Routes along the North coast of Spain

I heard many people are already in Lisbon, while others are still on the road. But I have been hitching the whole day.

I started before sunrise, with the thumb and sometimes a sign. No petrol station were taken. It was wonderful. The first tumbs up in the morning was a direct hit. Another two times I had to wait an hour or more. But who cares when you have time, and you get your photo taken by a police-officer?

Introducing: Colorado (chocolate factory dumpster diving, armed drug dealers, strange encounters and the unlikely)

The time: mid April, I’m hitching from Texas to Chicago to meet my Czech friend, Roman. We’ll be hitchhiking together through the Midwest to the west coast, San Francisco to be specific, where we’ll split.

A week later.
Morning, Roman and I are trying to get to Colorado. We’ve spent last night camping under a bridge, in a small town in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming. Now we’re trying to get the hell out of there.