Living and dieing in Portugal/Spain.

I am writing this story because It's getting very repetitive telling it to people who are interested over and over again , so if you want to know about the trip , this is it. Enjoy!
I apologize in advance for spelling and grammar i tried to write this fast.

It began,

Hitchhiking race for drinking water 2010

Hey and Howdi Casa!
I would like to share a project with all you guys on which me and some friends have been working on for the last three years constantly.
Since 2008 we're organizing a hitchhiking race for a drinkwater organisation called Viva con Agua from Hamburg. In 2008 and 2009 the destinations have been Zaragoza and Dubrovnik, this year the route will lead us to Vama Veche in Romania!

Why hitchhiking feels better than paying for a shared ride

Hello Casa people,

I have just written a blogpost about why hitchhiking feels better than paying for a shared ride and I felt like sharing this with you here.

All the best from Düsseldorf, Florian.

Random Roads News

Thanks to more than 20 contributors, a lot of great content has recently been added to the Random Roads Magazine, and a lot more is yet to come. And, what's more: Soon, all this great content will be available in a yet to be released printed edition, that will end up hitchhiking across many different places.

Road Junky Film Festival

We finished this flyer yesterday and here it is for you to see first. This is not a way of promotion, I felt happy of how much content we managed to fit in 2 days and much could be of your interest :)
If it all works out we will be streamming the whole event online.

I have already ordered the prints for the photo exhibition and I'm praying to all gods I know for them to arrive on time to Berlin.

All of you who plan to come, I'm looking forward to see you.
My little secret is that, for me, the less ppl coming to the festival, be less work I will have :)

Tips for Hitchhiking to Iceland

Dear Casa,

tonight I want to share with you some tips that I collected during my last trip to Iceland. I recently had a conversation with Jass, which I have re-organized here; and wrote a story on RandomRoads, that I hope will soon be reviewed and published. I heard that some of you are thinking about doing this trip, and of course I can't but recommend it, because it's truly awesome. I hope you will find this info useful!

Boat Hitching INFO


Maybe there were always nomads out there taking to the seas. Maybe travelers just got sick of the highways. Or maybe the aviation industry finally spilled too much fuel... In any case, boat-hitching is gaining ground in the rambling world – we wanna sail!

6.8.10 Artwork

Artwork created for 6.8.10, Acrylic on cardboard

6.8.10 Artwork

6.8.10 Artwork

Artwork for 6.8.10, Acrylic on Cardboard.

Pick Up A Hitchhiker Today,

Can we manipulate this image to show 'pick up a hiitchhiker today' instead?