Road Junky Film Festival

Road Junky Film Festival

We finished this flyer yesterday and here it is for you to see first. This is not a way of promotion, I felt happy of how much content we managed to fit in 2 days and much could be of your interest :)
If it all works out we will be streamming the whole event online.

I have already ordered the prints for the photo exhibition and I'm praying to all gods I know for them to arrive on time to Berlin.

All of you who plan to come, I'm looking forward to see you.
My little secret is that, for me, the less ppl coming to the festival, be less work I will have :)

Today I met Sandra Sunshine and she will be taking care of the Hitchgathering stand and she has ideas to make it fun and creative.

The picture is from Teufelsberg, this abandoned military base in the middle of the Green forest in Berlin.


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me needs glasses i guess

omfg, some1 gave me the flyer and together we we're wondering where it was....... we are SOOOOOOOO stupid.......,and a bit drunk

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great flyer

I've seen the flyer, it looks awesome, but a question i have and got from many people, where is betahaus?

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location of beta hause is

location of beta hause is written on the flyer ;)

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great photo, I love that

great photo, I love that place where you took it!

Hope the photos will come in time and I really look forward to the exhibition. I also added my own submissions here:

In general, there are of course some concerns about the "ultimate" film-festival, concerns that already have been covered on the hitchgathering website and are especially connected with (not announcing in time) that an entry-fee would be required.

So I didn't want to mention that again here. But, with all due respect, when I see what Tom writes I hesitate somewhat: just now the program has also been posted on the (awfully commercial) website followed by the statement: "So quit your job, sell your car and book your flight to Berlin for this weekend…"

I know that not only hitchhikers will attend the festival and I personally also know people who are taking a plane, but to encourage it even is yet another thing... Or is Tom Thumb, who even wrote a book about hitchhiking, just provoking here?

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amazing Tau!

Great job! All very interesting topics.
I suggest you not to miss Nans and Guillaume's talk: you should remember them from the SHE is in Montreal/SHE is in Berlin web-chat.

Also, we are probably gonna have 20 minutes "promotion" talk about 6810 hitchgathering on Saturday, between 5 and 5.30 pm.

Looking forward to see you!