hitchhikers all along

While Kasper made it to Jerusalem in no more than twelve days of hitchhiking, Kadry (a friend of Marc who is arriving tomorrow but sitting next to Kasper yesterday) hitched from Estonia to Amsterdam in 4 days, with only 5 rides. Around the same night of her arrival, Lena and Kardan were stuck in some random toilet in a German petrol station.

Kasper on the road

Ha, also Kasper managed to get in a truck with a driver that has internet on-board. He e-mailed us on the road in Bulgaria saying he had a great sleep in Pitesti and that he is now on his way to Istanbul.

Mark & James on a joint trip

How cool is that! Mark decided to extend his trip and to not go back home to Australia for his job, came to Amsterdam instead, stayed for a week and met up with James, also from Australia, who had been at the house before for 10 days but had to come back to pick up his laptop and some other stuff. And now these two guys, with an age difference of 12 years are going to hitchhike together from Central Europe "thru the austrian/french alps, & then towards spain, where we will visit some hippy communes & hopefully swim in the ocean again (link). " Just brilliant.