ressurect the dinner's in order to cover rent+ other expenses of the casa

Today i saw a bill of unpaid rent hanging in the kitchen :( Would it be an idea to organize 2 vo-ku's a week, like tuesday/thursday, dumpster-dive the food (there's more than enough available in A'dam), spent evrytime around 10 euro's on extra ingredients, and make a sign saying "Suggested donation 2,50", put it on a big glass pot and hang the bill under it :) from previous dinner's we learned that it's quite good possible to have around 35 ppl in the house, say like 10 of them are hoists, u still will get around 50 euro's a dinner, twice a week, for 4 weeks would make 400, almost covering the


Ok, so. Dealing with this whole SHE thing. If we want sustainable hospitality we need to start changing the way we eat. No meat is a good start. But we also need to start buying only locally grown organic foods.

It would be nice if we could find a small farmer in the area from whom we could get fresh milk and eggs. A produce farmer would also be nice to know. We could do weekly shipments.

Foods like sugar, coffe, and the like that cannot be bought locally should all be fair trade, in suport of small organic farmers in poor countries.

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a place to stay and breath...?

Hey there lovely casa crew...

I just got back from a little tweedledee around france for a month or two, and am back in holland! Am feeling like a little lost traveller actually... need some space and time with crew i know and love and a little corner for myself. Anyway, im planning on staying in amsterdam till christmas, and then a couple of weeks after... and am wondering if there is space in the casa you need to fill?? Mandy needs some time out, so im checking my options! Plus i would love to put the final touches on my filming with you guys around!