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I just gave a bunch of people the role of trusted user. These are mostly active people and people who have been hosts. Like this, we can also post stories that are only viewable to people who are 'trusted'. You can then choose the viewing permissions of a story by editing the field 'view/edit' permissions under the body of the text.

Anyway. I wanted to share some thoughts about rent. I am really really happy to see how this has been progressing. I am happy to see we received 400 euro donations in total so far. Adan just told me he is transfering 350 euro, and I had received another 50 before. That's great, & almost covers the complete rent for one month (ex. bills which would be another 150 appr.).

It would be great to see if you could raise 415 euros for the month of September also (if we would consider the donations so far as being donation for the month of August - I am not sure though how much the people who donated so far agree with that but it is good to have a target anyway :)).

SO. Let's see how this goes :) I am sure you can all come up with something creative.


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i feel so trusted now

this morning we had a first money talk.. right now there are a few people living in the casa for longish term, and most of us have some sort of income from scholarships (like myself) or jobs. therefore there shouldn't be problem in having a pretty continuous flow of contributions. but this implies the presence of many semi permanent people in the house, and i'm still not sure how the casa feels about that.
we all agree it would also be very helpful to get more donations from visiting for selling beers, i'm a bit skeptical because of the nature of the house, and th fact that people bring drinks anyway. i believe/hope making the donation box more visible will cause significant improvement, and laura did that today.
if it all goes well we are problem free as of today.

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I am curious to see this topic develop or even better not at all.

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I think we should not be afraid to talk about money.
Unless we want to be COMPLETELY self-sufficient, money is absolutely necessary.
Covering costs is a far cry from the capitalistic machines we so fear, and we should look for more creative ways to bring in money but not to the degree that it excludes people. Things people can opt out from, like buying beer at the Thursday night dinners is an example of ways to bring in money while allowing people to experience the goodness of Casa feasting.