a place to stay and breath...?

Hey there lovely casa crew...

I just got back from a little tweedledee around france for a month or two, and am back in holland! Am feeling like a little lost traveller actually... need some space and time with crew i know and love and a little corner for myself. Anyway, im planning on staying in amsterdam till christmas, and then a couple of weeks after... and am wondering if there is space in the casa you need to fill?? Mandy needs some time out, so im checking my options! Plus i would love to put the final touches on my filming with you guys around!

Anyhoo, dont really know how you guys function for the longer stayers... im happy to pay rent etc, and to cook you all delightful vegan meals! xxx lily

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be welcome

Ha nice!

yeah, there is going to be some more space again for long-stayers and x-mass promises to be quite some fun. You're as welcome as always. We are not with that many at the moment... on Thursday we'll have dinner again (Finish!), and after that we even have a free room or 2.

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Awesome man.. big thanks and i hope to be around soon. Funnily enough casarobino is still providing me with fun and shelter, even when im not there! Bumping into Aisha in Leiden was just another think to all fall into place the last few days... Looks like we'll be nesting up together come january... in leiden! Yay! In the meantime... ill be back around amsterdam for christmas... would love a dumpstered one at the casa... is it the 24th? Will get back to you, but would love to be there! Might not need that longterm stay anymore... but in any case ill be poppin around to say hello!!

Big thanks again... its so nice to know there are places i can collapse to when im exhausted! xx lil

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how was the dinner? i'm sorry to have missed it, but i've had some excellent pumpkin soup here and other things. i arrived late last night in grenoble. it took forever to get out of belgium, shitty traffic-jammed little country :(

12 rides, not 3.

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Finn dinner? Count me in!