Can you can get married online?

that was the question my sister just asked.

I think we can make this idea work.

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Just Married ;)

> Dear Robino and Dennis Collective
> Via this email, we pronounce you husband and wife. Regardless of your race,
> language or faith, from this day forward, you will feel no rain, for each of
> you will be shelter for the other. You will feel no cold, for each of you
> will be warmth to the other. There will be no loneliness, for each of you
> will be companion to the other. From this day, you are two persons, with
> only one life before you. Your hopes and dreams are now intermingled, and
> you will strive for harmony through compromise and forgiveness.
> May beauty surround both of you in the journey ahead and through all the
> years. May happiness be your companion and your days together be full of
> tenderness, commitment and understanding.
> Congratulations and thank you for registering your marriage with us.
> Although this email document has no legal significance, we hope you will
> treat it with respect, print it out, and hang it in an honored place at
> home.
> Please note that this marriage is indissoluble and regardless of the
> direction your relationship takes after this day, this marriage will be a
> permanent record of your life's most romantic moment, beautifully engraved
> in history. In other words, there is no such thing as divorce at,
> and your commitment is forever.
> Now that you have registered your marriage, You might also wish to invite
> your friends to view your iROM Marriage Registration at
> Simply email them
> this link and let them share the joy with you.
> Signed,
> Ministry of Love