update on the filming... wanna help?

Hey there casa crew... ok so an update...

I found the perfect getaway hide out in Leiden... am now resting up there for a while i guess. Living with two beautiful guys in a squatted old pub, lots of diving, lots of food not bombs, lots of awesomeness....

Am SO SO SO wanting to spend Wed night at the casa... obviously for the beautiful people but also for the film... it would be just oh so perfect. But i have a dilemna... i have social obligations to head up north to Mandys family for a special vegan christmas just for moi... on wednesday! So trying to find sollutions... is there anyone out there that would want to film random bits of fun wednesday night? Good,bad, shithouse, whatever, no pressure, just something to capture the PERFECT juxtaposition of consumerism and dumpsterdiving!???? I could supply everything..

OR maybe you guys will start preparing the already dumpstered food duringthe day?? if so, might come over and film that?

In any case have a merry merry merry dumpstered christmas!!! xx lily

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Hey hey robino...

Awesome sounds great! Who is Hans? So great that he is filming! Might chat to him and see if he minds me using it etc... or if he wants to help more the project. ANYWAY, will call you tomorrow around midday and see whats going on... i think its gonna be pretty tight, and might not work, mandy finishes work at 2pm and then we are cooking and leaving.. but ill call and see if i can squeeze in a trip to the markets withyou guys around 2/3... that would be cool.

k thanks again and happy eating! xx lil

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RE: update on the filming.

Hey Lily - great to hear what's been going on with you lately. Especially Leiden sounds very interesting! Also very nice to hear that you will be having a special dinner on the 24th, a pity that you cannot join in here now... it is very likely that Hans will also be here to do some filming... So you will get your footage.

We could also see if maybe we could go in the early afternoon and asking some of the market-people - the other day Amylin was talking with someone at Ten Cate Markt who normally throws away most of his stuff around 2... maybe this would make your schedule also pretty tight... Best would be to call to us first to check - especially since I have no clue who will be here tomorrow in the afternoon at this stage.