Happy X-Mas

Happy X-Mas,

all of you Casa Robinos !
I wish you a great and peaceful days everyone !

Here in South-Goa its nice and peaceful so far.. Get my Masala Dosa every morning, then my day is made.. some old friends around.. no commitments.. time like shit, sun, water.. a room.. nothing to do.. donna where I am going and why.. soulfoods stagnent at the moment.. Anyhow biiiiig waaaarm Hugs to you !

The Nat

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thanks nat - have a good one!

Hi Nat,

thanks for your nice message - we will be having a nice xmass dinner tonight, as well as some other activities further on the week. Too bad you cannot attend !

Anyway - so to hear all is fine with you in Goa. I wish you a rally good time there, and I am sure soulfood or anything similar will be able to take off as soon as it is the right time!