thursday night dinner in istanbul

A few weeks before ever coming to Istanbul, I got a random e-mail from Mert there, who told me he had seen me dancing in Lily's dumpster-dive documentary, Skipping Waste.

freegan dinner istanbul


We have two pigeons that have build a nest in the tree right in front of the house. The egg is white. We are also getting forward with the gardening. On the rooftop we have rucola and other types of crispy lettuce and on the balcony beans and lots of herbs. And wow, isn't it growing fast!

If you were a women, with children...

While Hitching from Krakow to Zilina, I got stuck in Cieszyn for the night. While sitting at a truck stop, thinking about life, and figuring out where I was going to sleep, I noticed a car pulling in. It was dark, around 10 pm. A lady got out of the car, and as I approached her I realized that she looked as if she had just been crying. She had a strange stagger to her walk, as if she had just been through something traumatic.

the third side of a coin

"My first day at "Casa Robino," I asked where the bathroom was. Simple question, I thought; it should have a simple answer. "Just open all the doors - you'll find it," was the simple reply", is how Charlie the First Brigham the Fourth, aka Caveman, starts his latest entry on his website. What Caveman writes is what comes closest to any description of what actually takes places in this casa, and is a must read for all who is coming here for the first time. Enjoy, here it is. "No hand-holding, no directing; power and responsibility are refreshingly balanced in the Casa."

And for those who want more of Caveman, here goes a nice video:

If you want to build a Wind Turbine

Dear Casa Robino.
May the wind be beneath your wings - all the wings you can make out of old bike rims and haywire.

If you would like to build a Wind Turbine, this is a fabulous hitch-out spot to start from:

Trashwiki on Make Blog + cross pollination

Hey Casa Robino!

If you see a lot of edits sprout up on trashwiki, here's a possible reason:

If you haven't encountered makezine yet, check it out! It's a sweet resource for learning how to make stuff (like wind turbines)!


Sorry for not hugging you all goodbye.

On the morning we left, you were all sleeping so angelically. And that is rare.
Sierra and I didn't want to disturb that, ESPecially because you were all so cute whilst living outside of your cherubic bodies, so we stood there quietly for a few minutes and watched you all. This may seem a little creepy, its probable that it is, but just know that you were loved before we went, and we didn't need to wake you up, cause we already knew that the feeling was mutual.

I left a piece of my heart in amsterdam.