One day when i arrive home.. there have been birds in the room.. shit was everywere and also they had opened cookie-box. Jeps.. autumn is here.
Decided to start to feed birds. Its fun to look them sneak otherside the window. Also going to the sea or park.. white-bread with me.. cause i like birds.
Feed the birds!

One year casa, it must be love.

Happy birthday casarobino! It is one year now that we have been able to keep up with you. You little weird house that nobody understands, house of punks hitchhiking through love, eclectic magical communal place! To give you something nice on this special day I prepared a silly speech for you. Please ... don't hate me for it.

- Si?
"Hello, is this casarobino?"
- Yes, how may I help you?
"Well, we would like to book a room for next month"
- Oh, I am so sorry, but we are completely overbooked!

mad wind and sweet air

hey... so Sarah's dinner thing is not on. the Cooks are MIA this month. So, I hope you'll all survive. I think we're going to Blijvertje for music and Voku, 8 pm and 9:30, respectively. See you star star....

p.s. last night was Wonderbar!

Totally Random, Rancid Love Attack

Government officials have verified our reporters field report from earlier this morning... Casa have been infected with a yet unknown illness called Loving Oral Virile Epedemicus also known short as LOVE.

36 people on Thursday!

As i looked around the room for one final head count i was filled with a sense of wonder as i realised the total had reached a record breaking 36 people. Not only had we managed to squeeze that amount of people into a two bedroom apartment but we had also managed to feed all of them from the dumpster. As the food we had spent all day preparing quickly disappeared and the satisfied smile of those who have been well fed crossed everyone's mouths i thought how incredible it is to live here and be around so many good people.


I understand that this post is going to make me highly unpopular in the casa, however i feel i must fight for the kitten as she is not able to fight for herself. I love the kitten, i think she brings something wonderful and new to the house, she forces thoes living in the house to meet new challenges and to accept responsibility for a life outside of their own. The casa is a living breathing community and we all share in the every day running of it without complaint so why can't the kitten become a part of that daily life?

Hostage situation

Hi Casa,

How are you?

I have ill news to share with you. Our field agent Tau managed to contain Robino and bring him to our HQ in Berlin the Project volunteering. We hold him ransom until he has filled the house with the demanded love and hugs.

We will try to keep him as long as our equipment allows us and harvest as much love and hugs as possible. Hopefully we will be able to maintain it a few days. Also he looks very hungry, so we might be able to feed him a bit before he goes onwards. No one wants to pick up a skinny-sunburned-hitcher.


Up in the mountains watching the fiery red sun set turn in to the black night, illuminated only by a bright ball in the sky, life flashes past your eyes.

Sitting by a beautiful beach, listening to the ocean roar. Realizing how small we are.

In a Casa, somewhere in Amsterdam, eating a dumpster-dived meal, surrounded by those we love, singing, laughing, dancing.

No matter where we are, who we are with, we must recall the The Fifty-third Calypso of Bokononism:

"Oh, a sleeping drunkard,
Up in Central Park,
And a lion-hunter
In the jungle dark,
And a Chinese dentist,

istanbul twilight, i'm in love: my online postcard to you.

Dear Casa: I am happy in this small world;
and I still carry around bits and pieces of you, from you, to you.
I am still walking in your boots that you gave me when I had no more shoes left, and I'm still mending the same dress that I hitchhiked across a few continents in, and my life is filled with sweet old memories, and lovely new friendships.