Lightfoot Deliveries

Cycling around paris, one corner to the other, Charlie and I had important business to take care of... a lightfoot letter each in need of delivery.
Both Lukas' words and Mattieu's delightful little box of matches found their rightful owners, but we're still relunctant to call it a complete success...

Lightfoot mission accomplished

Just before leaving to Slovenia, two weeks ago, I was given a lightfoot letter by amylin. I was to deliver this one in Nurnberg to her friend Lea. On my way back I finally was able to make a stop-over and stay there for a night.

Lightfoot Lessons

Ok, so there's a bit of info missing from the first post, and we're all so keen to get these letters on the road... so here is a little more info on ideas:

For now (as far as im aware) there is only one Lightfoot Sustainable Post Box, and thats at the casa.

- Make Your Own Box:
The ideal here is to have as many boxes in as many places as possible. If you would love to share your home/space and open it up as a Lightfoot Centre, that is one of the best ways you can help. Design a box, deck it out with the logo, and get all your friends to start writing!

Lightfoot in Amsterdam

Lightfoot in Amsterdam

Lightfoot Sustainable Post sweeping the globe

Lightfoot in AmsterdamLightfoot in Amsterdam Lightfoot is about writing letters.
Real letters. Not a complex pattern of zeros and ones, transmitted via dubious technology of uncertain consequences, but real paper, written in your personal hand, carrying your scent and trace oils from your fingertips, your creativity, and your unique, one-of-a-kind style. There's something pure that inspires trust when a handwritten letter is delivered; a personal touch that strengthens your community, however far away they may be, in a way that the internet simply could never do.