Lightfoot mission accomplished

Just before leaving to Slovenia, two weeks ago, I was given a lightfoot letter by amylin. I was to deliver this one in Nurnberg to her friend Lea. On my way back I finally was able to make a stop-over and stay there for a night.

But only this morning I gave Lea her letter, as we forgot about it when I arrived as we were talking, eating and talking, and this is how we immediately understood what is so special about lightfoot: it makes you meet people who you otherwise would not meet.

I have no letters and no-one else to visit anymore. I am now in Bonn, visiting an old friend and tomorrow is Amsterdam just 250km away. I might even make it in the morning :) After a great trip that brought me (and also the letter) through Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Graz and Germany (3000 km), I am happy to feel as I do now, coming back to normal Casa-life.


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I'd love to try that

I'd love to try that sometime! No, let's make that more positive... I will try that sometime. Does anyone live in south France or near Barcelona and knows someone to send a letter to in Galicia or anywhere on the Camino de Santiago?

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YEEEOOOOOOW!!! Thats bloody

YEEEOOOOOOW!!! Thats bloody awesome robin! Rockin... is that the first lightfoot delivery? Other than the leiden newspapers... (which were greatly appreciated by the way)...

Glad ill get to see you're smiling face before heading out of these wetlands :)

Will be over tomorrow, see you there?