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Alternatives International est un réseau d’organisations établies au Niger, en Afrique du Sud, en Inde, au Brésil, au Maroc, en Israël, en Palestine, en France et au Canada.

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This unprecedented gathering of young people is often considered to have been a social experiment, because of alternative lifestyles that became common, both during the summer itself and during subsequent years. These lifestyles included communal living; the free and communal sharing of resources, often among strangers; and free love

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Maps for Making Change – Using Geographical Mapping Techniques to Support Struggles for Social Justice in India is a five-month project that provides activists and supporters of movements and campaigns for progressive social change in India with the opportunity to, for the first time, collectively debate and explore in detail the potential of digital mapping as a tool to support their work. Participants in the project reflect the rich diversity of India's struggles. They include grassroots activists, NGO workers, artists and researchers working on a dizzying array of issues: from tracing the mobility trajectories of migrant workers constructing Bangalore's Metro, to mobilising slum dwellers to critically engage with Mumbai's new Development Plan; from monitoring human rights violations by the state in Chhattisgarh to mapping services for sex workers in Delhi

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Mobstr vs. The Newcastle City Council




Rebel:Art points us to this terrific public dialogue between mobstr and the Newcastle City Council back in late 2007.

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