Feel free to contribute to European Consultation on Food Waste

Feel free to contribute to European Consultation on Food Waste... open to contributions from citizens, organisations and public authorities.

Plastic cucumber

How can you recognize an average cucumber from a biological cucumber in Albert Heijn?

Both are individually conditioned in plastic but the normal cucumber has a transparent plastic packaging whereas the "ecological" one has a green one.

Tonight I had a deep need of salad so, as there was no fresh dumpsterdived products in the house, I went to Albert Heijn.

How much plastic do we produce?

Plastic kills. Though, knowing something but not acting means the knowing is worthless. Why do we still use plastic in our daily lives? Because it is unavoidable? Perhaps. Look around you, how many of those products is made out of plastic? Here I can see my phone, this computer, the mouse, the printer, speakers, lens-care, cd-cases, a plastic bag, a bike-light and some more plastic cases for one thing or another. Most of these things don't get thrown away (yet), but once it is thrown away, what happens to it? And what can we do about it, here in the house?

Skipping Waste Torrent

Dont you just love how much the casa connects? A fellow casaite has posted up skipping waste as a torrent for all to download to their hearts content.

Voila the link: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4796436

Big thanks to Sebastian! Will put it on the trashwiki site too. Thanks! x

Subtitles for the fil-m

Yo ladies and gents...

So i just got a reply from the micronomics festival in Belgium saying they would love to screen it... and if i was going to be making a french version? I dont have the final cut raw data anymore (its on that harddrive at the casa) and dont really have the space/comp to do them anyway... but someone mentioned something about a website where you can just post the video and someone can choose to do it for you. Any other word/ideas on this? Cheers! x lily

Skipping Waste Documentary

Its up its up its up! Skipping waste is officialy ONLINE! Hoorah. Big thanks to mathieu and Kasper for helping me on this when my head was ready to explode. See for more info: skippingwaste.trashwiki.org


yeow! x lily