Skipping Waste Torrent

Dont you just love how much the casa connects? A fellow casaite has posted up skipping waste as a torrent for all to download to their hearts content.

Voila the link:

Big thanks to Sebastian! Will put it on the trashwiki site too. Thanks! x


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Awesome! I added it to the

Awesome! I added it to the trashwiki page. I started downloading it onto my server so that it can become an extra seeder and I also sent a link and some info to the people from LegalTorrents.

By the way, I recently moved trashwiki to a new server and it's now not going to be indexed by google anymore (because of shop owners and corporations googling themselves). So it's great to see that it's spreading in other ways.

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meanwhile, on another website :)

I've got my eyes on trashwiki through google search, this came up today:

Way to go Lily! (And huge thumbs up to whichever Sebastian might have put up the torrent :)

Amusez-vous bien dans le printemps de Paris ;)