Everything You Thought Was a Lie

So you thought dumpster diving is sustainable? Think again.

People tend to never have enough and hunt for such enormous amounts that we can't eat it all. We sometimes have to throw out twice as much as what we can eat.

This must end. Not only because we hurt our backs so much when having to bring all that food up the stairs and down again into the bin. But more importantly: we are wasting so much energy!

How much plastic do we produce?

Plastic kills. Though, knowing something but not acting means the knowing is worthless. Why do we still use plastic in our daily lives? Because it is unavoidable? Perhaps. Look around you, how many of those products is made out of plastic? Here I can see my phone, this computer, the mouse, the printer, speakers, lens-care, cd-cases, a plastic bag, a bike-light and some more plastic cases for one thing or another. Most of these things don't get thrown away (yet), but once it is thrown away, what happens to it? And what can we do about it, here in the house?