ecological versus un-sustainable products

A vision into the point of buying ecological products versus cheap products:

There's a tendency around the casa that we're not supposed to be buying the cheap products, but ecological (and more expensive) products,my finest example about this point ;)

Plastic cucumber

How can you recognize an average cucumber from a biological cucumber in Albert Heijn?

Both are individually conditioned in plastic but the normal cucumber has a transparent plastic packaging whereas the "ecological" one has a green one.

Tonight I had a deep need of salad so, as there was no fresh dumpsterdived products in the house, I went to Albert Heijn.

Will Eat For Food ?

This is a nightmare. Check youtube/google/whatever. There are already so many videos and writings concerning this new bill to be passed in the U.S. This one just happened to be short and concise.

If this is the case, then all foods there (and setting the precedent for everywhere?) would be affected. I am still skeptical if regions outside of the Americas would be affected, as Amerika is a fallen and still falling empire...