Hey guys, I've sent the foloowing message to Robino but I'm not sure if he's in town right now.

My name is roy, I'm an Israeli 23 year old guy, member of a socialistic movement, and part of a commune of 21 people. Right now I'm busking in some european capitals - my act is playing two flutes with my nose. I'm gathering money that will be used for a long volounteering and traveling period in the far east and Africa.

I heard about casarobino from a friend and read about it in your cs profile and in the casarobino website. I'm coming from a commune in which everything is shared, mainly the life itself, so I would really be happy to experience something similar with you guys for my time in A'dam. I will be here for the next 3 weeks. Of course any period would be good from 1 night to the whole time..

If there is a space problem right now, and people don't mind, I can sleep anywhere with my sleeping bag.

I have a CS profile if you want to check it out, I couldn't find the link but it's under Roy Golan in Tel Aviv, Israel.


+972 54 673 8730
[email protected]

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come to the casa bring wine

come to the casa
bring wine and tell us what are the 3 secrets to the kingdom of wisdom