Donate for equipment replacement and how do i post?

I am not sure I remember how to post articles to this website, can we create a link for the home page where it links to 'create a story'? cant see it ...

anyway, would like to create a fund for stolen equipment replacement
with casa robino permission, please let me know if you have a preferences for which online service to use ... cheers Pg

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how to post stuff & fund raising

Hi Paola, there are many ways to post something on the website, and there is no how-to :) the easiest way is just to click on 'share' which you can find on the top bar on the left. Then you can creat a story or image for example. Stories appear straight on the frontpage, images and forum-posts don't, but every user can decide to also 'promote' these and make them appear on the front-page.

Concerning your fund raising question, I am happy to see first what other people think. Maybe I will make also a poll later today about it.

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Okay robin there was a 'post

Okay robin

there was a 'post a story' link you sent me once, but I have changed email since and do not have it, cannot find in my commands

Yes, tell em what the others think, it would be nice if we could raise some funds, even a small contributions could amount to some partial replacement

We could promote to our facebook group that was created when michel lost his machine, and the p2p list etc

I am thinking of people like Adan who may not be insured and would need the machine to go to school etc