coming up, and looking for street bands

hello hello
i'm martina and i'm moving to amsterdam for a while starting end of august. the main reason for doing so is i'm taking one or two semesters of classes at VU, but hopefully something else will come out of the stay, as it does.. i don't actually like studying all that much, i see it as a tool to learn about things that will eventually lead me to my true mission. if i have one that is, so far it seems like i'm bound to not be bound to anything but experience quite different things randomly.
finding out about you seems like a good start to new random activities.
i wrote to robin earlier about coming to visit the house and see what happens. i don't have a fixed schedule but i should get to amsterdam around the 20th or 20somethieth of august and it would be great if you had a spot. i will be coming from italy or via berlin.
lastly i have a big question: do you know of any open street-bands, musical communities, brass or instrumental collectives,groups,friends,schools etc in amsterdam?
sorry if i don't say much about me, i'm not very good. i can tell you i'm into arts, musica, tthetre, cinema, food, and i love travels but that doesn't mean a thing. as i said i haven't found "my thing" yet so what i do doesn't define me very well.
hopefully we wll meet in person!
have a good summer!

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be welcome

dear Martina,

I don't know you and I feel I'm connected already.
I moved to Amsterdam in september for your same reason and like you I feel I need to experience the randomness of things. to get inspired and to find my way.
I will not be around when you will be here, leaving Amsterdam for new adventures, new friendships, new beautiful minds in New York. But, I can tell you that your energy is already strong enough to have found this that for me was an eye-opening, mind-blowing place. Be welcome in the place where everything flows.

PS. se mi vuoi scrivere o contattare, puoi mandarmi una mail privata...

Hugs and love