Free parking near CasaRobino

A friend has recommended I check out CasaRobino when I stay in Amsterdam in a couple of weeks. I travel in a camper, and wondering if there is any suitable free parking around that I could use, or anywhere else in Amsterdam? I think he will be staying there at the same time..

Thanks for any info..


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try here. it is on the other side of the IJ, free, spacious (if there is no festival) and as far as I can see, usually free from car-window-glass.
also, it is a short ferry- and bike-ride from the Casa :)

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Car in Amsterdam: hell on heart

When i moved from Cardiff to Amsterdam last September, I had my Italian car with me.
I knew I was not going to use it: bikes are the best way of moving around in The Netherlands .

However, I needed a parking spot from September til Christmas' time and I used to leave my 4-wheels economic car in "Contactweg"(near Transformatorweg, just in front of the Multimedia college. check it on "open street map"). The place is just 2.4 km from Casa.

The parking seemed ok: many other cars and some vans with foreign number plates are parked there for long periods.

However, on the morning I was supposed to travel to Italy to bring back my car, I've found that window on the driver side had been smashed even if nothing from had been taken away.

Other solutions that I know are way more expensive and include guarded parking for 15 euros per day. More or less in the same area.

Welcome to Amsterdam: the city of bikes!

PS. Who is the friend who has been here? Who's coming back? Do I know him?

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The media college is on

The media college is on Contactweg 36 1014 AN Amsterdam just in case you had a TomTom.

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Never get a bloody tomtom!

Never get a bloody tomtom!