Hey guys my name is Abe Stevens and I am a 19 year old australian guitarist currently travelling in the UK. I posted a hosting request a few days ago but i though i might pop into the forum. A friend and I will be coming to amsterdam on the 28th and we would love to come join you or even just go for a drink or a chat or something. my email is [email protected] I also have a couchsurfing profile here http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/guitar_man117/.

anyways hope to meet you guys soon :)

Abe Stevens

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hey, we are not always very

hey, we are not always very quick with responding to people who want to stay with us, also because it is not easy for us to see who will be here when. If there are more common interests, it is always easier to judge though...

Anyway, no promises can be made at the moment, and I hope someone will soon be able to let you know something...

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Cheers matey

Cheers matey