the chat isnt working

impossible to get connected trough the chat, under firefox it loading and after closing

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Freenode blocked mibbit

Mibbit is the client we use (via drupal) and our chatroom is on the freenode network
Freenode have recently blocked access to the mibbit client.

See also

I'm working on integrating a replacement chatroom using a different web client but it will probably have less features than the old one (like the multilanguage translation) :(

Or maybe we move from freenode to another irc network?

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Freenode blocked mibbit

maybe we should move to another irc!
but which one will be as good as mibbit?
And how you doing marc?

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Chat is now working again

So I installed a freenode recommended java chat client into a page and it should now work again nicely. Test it and let me know if there are any problems. Figure since java is open source nowadays no-one should have problems with it and anyone technical will use an IRC client anyways...

And who was the freeloader? :)