Hey guys, I've sent the foloowing message to Robino but I'm not sure if he's in town right now.

My name is roy, I'm an Israeli 23 year old guy, member of a socialistic movement, and part of a commune of 21 people. Right now I'm busking in some european capitals - my act is playing two flutes with my nose. I'm gathering money that will be used for a long volounteering and traveling period in the far east and Africa.

Two Easy Recipes

1. Easy and very good vinegarette:

In a large jar mix together:
-- a lot of balsamic vinegar
-- a lot of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil
-- fresh lemon juice from 1-2 lemons, mixed with honey (dissolve the honey into the lemon juice beforehand by stirring rapidly)
-- herbs de provence (dried, a lot-- oregano, marjoram, etc.)
-- fresh minced garlic
-- a little salt
-- a little black pepper

Shake like a polaroid picture and serve.

* Variations: minced onion, chopped peppers, fresh herbs, pure maple syrup instead of honey

2. Spanish Tomato Salad