robino's Quotes

nothing is temporary

- Everything is permanent!
- Nothing is possible!

Laura commenting on robino saying: nothing is temporary

intelligent quotes

Lily's quotes are way too intelligent to be a quote on our website

— robino commenting on Lily's definition of a hobo.

pink laptops

- Is the keyboard also pink?
- No, it is German.

— Kasper responding to questions about his new pink laptop


The first to say something funny, goes to clean the dishes!

smoke that filter

-you don't have a filter between your brains and your mouth, do you?
-no, and if I would have one, I would use it in my joint :)

julien answering to francesca

this house makes me forget

CasaRobino makes me forget I am actually freaking out


Amylin molested by drunk man

These guys must be drunk! They are hitting on me!

Amylin in a masked ball at New Year's

levels of abstraction

It is actually very simple, at certain levels of abstraction

— There can be only one

Dante at cocina-robina

Willow being Funny

- Willow? Can you say something funny?
- ...
- yes

— willow

willow in response to one of robino's favorite questions.

Realitygaps moved south of north-east-west

Realitygaps moved south of north-east-west

— dante