robino's Quotes

Dumpster Sex

I love you too!
- Let's meet in five minutes behind the dumpster!

Robin talking about making all of his e-mails and chats public, referring here about some of the contents


- Someone will do that
- Hey, that someone could be me!

Most people don't mind smelling their own ass
- how can you smell your own ass?
No, I mean when I fart.

— Katherine


I would still be a virgin if I wouldn't drink

erga at s.h.e berlin

are you an anarchist?

- Are you all anarchists here?
- No, we're royalists.

Stolencompass answering Olar's question


stolencompass has a sixth sense for dumpsters!

Monkeys from Planet Primus

The Monkeys from Planet Primus share our aim to destroy the Nomads!

you're not trying to be funny here, are you?
- I am not trying. Being funny is in my genes.

— heather being dogmatically funny


why did you choose a house next to where all ambulances depart from?
- because we expected the place to blow up within three days.

— Daan from Berlin project volunteering answering robino's question after yet the 10th ambulance disrupts the peace.

windows suck

- What are you doing behind a windows computer?
- Don't worry... I am using a condom.

— Bobby asking Robin what the fuck is wrong with him