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You wanna be unique. Be a non-conformist... just like anyone else.

— Ellen

weird internet creep

Do you have internet? I need to tell my mom I am not staying at some weird internet creep
- What? I am not creepy enough for you?

Robino responding to Ellen's first time staying with a stranger


- It all starts with thought.
- Oh yeah, where did that thought come from then?


organising mess

This is not about organising anymore, it is about throwing things away.

— Rene


If you can't beat them, confuse them!

— Ben's understanding of Casa


- Sorry for storming in like this, but I left a message on the website that I was coming in a couple of days.
- What website?
- Uhm, the website of the house?
- We have a website?

— ben asking the wrong person if it is o.k. to stay

fuck pacifism

You don't want to mess with me, I have access to guns in at least two continents!

— Zuphit

Not a girl, not yet a woman

- I think I am turning female now.
- You are not a girl, not yet a woman

— Zuphit responding to Robin who has been around women for a week

confusion could lead to another form of realism

confusion could lead to another form of realism

Kitchen saying at Martina's and Sarah's


07:03 -!- Traveler has joined #casarobino
07:03 < Traveler> hi
07:04 < Traveler> Is anyone here? I'm confused.

— #irc-chatlog