robino's Quotes


- Right, now I am gonna go for an orgasm
- Just make sure you don't share your dildo with the cat

— authors wish to remain anonymous


Hey everyone - the cat has worms in her butt
- did you name them?

Tsufit answering to Shawns' biology research

Why are you here for boy?
- Kittens?
- Just a way to say I am happy to see you

Casa conversation about xmoggling the kitten after having babys


- Now for some serious talking...
- Do you really think all that shit came from one mouse?

Adan commenting about the first signaled mouse

sexual assault

Hans, you always touch my ass when we hug!
- yes. because my hands are bigger than your ass!


- wow. I never had a girlfriend with make-up before!
- I am not your girlfriend !!

thinking of Finland

I am thinking of going to Finland.
- Oh that would be great for you, there is only daylight now, no night.
What do you mean great? It means I would be sleeping all the time!

— Marc answering remark Anu/Robin


- What did you not believe in again?
- I don't believe in anything
- Welcome!

— robino, davide, marc

the smoking in this place goes to shit when I am not around here!

marc commenting on the lack of large roling paper upon his 3rd return to the house

the house is vegetarian!?

"The house is vegetarian"
- yeah but only because they can't find meat in the dumpster!

Laura commenting on the house being vegetarian