good to the last drop.

'nuff said

Hello casa.

Hello Casa,
Hello to those that I do know, and hello to those that I do not know. I miss you all. Over a year ago I stayed at Casa Robino. Then I was still learning what it was to be a nomad. Today I stand before you a very different person. The Casa made me who I am today through the life that it showed me. I am now very far from the nomad self that I had become. I am once again a student in America, this is my reality. No longer do I measure time by the number of 'thursday night dinners' past, but rather, by the semester.

an introduction to ham radio

This week, a lot has happened to me, both in real life and through the internet--- and via [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amateur_radio|amateur radio - also known as ham radio - communities]].

I think the world of [[http://www.arrl.org/ham-radio-history|ham radio]] is something of interest to Casa people, even and especially, as nomads. It could also be helpful for the Danube raft project, for example, when for vast stretches of time there may be no access to internet.

What the hell is wikipedia?

Hi lovely people of the Casa.
As a Wikipedia worshiper, I was really interested into meeting the great priests, rabbis and imams of my beloved religion.
If you are curious you can take a look on http://wikimania2009.wikimedia.org/wiki/Schedule

Une Petite Renaissance (please?)

Once upon a time in a little space with big ideas, there stayed (for an uncertain amount of time) a boy and girl. The boy was quite good at cooking. He had not only the technical skills but the ingenuity of creating even in times of scarcity. Luckily the boy was not selfish. Everynight, he would fix the girl a warm meal, leaving her smiling and relaxed for a peaceful slumber.