Hello casa.

Hello Casa,
Hello to those that I do know, and hello to those that I do not know. I miss you all. Over a year ago I stayed at Casa Robino. Then I was still learning what it was to be a nomad. Today I stand before you a very different person. The Casa made me who I am today through the life that it showed me. I am now very far from the nomad self that I had become. I am once again a student in America, this is my reality. No longer do I measure time by the number of 'thursday night dinners' past, but rather, by the semester.

I want to thank Casa Robino, the place, the people, and Robino himself for all that they have done for everybody, including me. All the connections created, all the meals served, all the love that has been given.


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You are one of the people that to me were the Casa. You contributed yourself to what you miss now, that means you have it still with you wherever you are now.
Big hugs and thank you!


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Hey Davide! Miss you man.
Strong hug!

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i would love to help..if i

i would love to help..if i can?
when are u guys migrating the casa site to drupal? maybe then it will be easier to connect people..

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well, it would be migrating

well, it would be migrating frmo drupal6 to 7. I guess you already figured that? I got a couple of ideas for it, maybe you wanna add some of your own:

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I like the way casaweb connects us with people we've never met. Meeting lily and george for the first time, thousands of miles from amsterdam, seemed more like a reunion than anything else.

We just missed each other last time I was in san diego, but I'm sure we'll reunite soon enough davide. And you could always come to buenos aires... ;-)

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more fun!

I would wish though that we will find even better ways to keep on making the connections between people. Sometimes it can be quite a step for people to get active on the website. So maybe it gets time for this to change: to be less of a blog kind of thing, to make it more people-focused and to make it easier for us to connect.

Who knows when we get down to it! Maybe time for a brainstorm about it at some point, or just a wiki-page :)